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  • Git Reference: Useful Commands & Overview

    This guide is not intended to be a comprehensive resource, but merely an overview and reference for myself. If you feel that you can contribute helpful commands or improve this reference guide, let me know in the comments.

  • Benefits of Socratic Dev Team Environments

    A few reasons why you should never stop asking questions…

  • Many to many model relationships in Rails

    One of the challenges I had early in learning Rails was setting up many-to-many relationships between models. Many tutorials and articles cover the simpler one-to-many and many-to-one relationships with ActiveRecord’s has_many and belongs_to functions, respectively, but when trying to build anything more than a sample application you quickly realize that you need to set up slightly more complicated relationships.

  • What is gulp.js and why use it?

    There’s no point in investing your time into learning a new tool if you don’t even know what problem it solves. Gulp solves the problem of repetition. Many of the tasks that web developers find themselves doing over and over on a daily basis can be simplified by becoming automated. Automating repetitive tasks = more time to do non repetitive tasks = more productivity.

  • Using AngularJS services to broadcast messages between controllers

    Two handy functions built into the angular.js api are the $scope.broadcast and $scope.emit functions. Both of these functions are similar in the sense that they allow you to propagate messages up or down your html controller nesting. Please note that this applies to angular 1.x versions and does not apply to angular 2, as it is much different.

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