Who I am

Thanks for visiting! I’m Brandon and most of my career has been focused on web development and design in line of business applications. I’ve had a passion for programming ever since I picked up an HTML book when I was 12 years old to make websites for a gaming community. From that point on, I’ve always known that web and software development was what I wanted to do as a profession. I’m a very persistent person in everything that amuses me, including my job, and I tend to work on projects for long hours at a time. I don’t claim to know everything, but I’m learning more and more every day. (While editing this page 3 years later, I’m sure this last sentence will never change) (Amend that last sentence to 5 years later)

What I’m up to

Since moving to Oklahoma City in 2012, I’ve had a lot of amazing opportunities. For starters, I now work on a team of experienced and passionate developers, where trying new technologies and ideas is encouraged. Being exposed to new ideologies and constructs is an eye opener to how other people are solving similar problems.

I’m also able to take advantage of attending local developer user group meetings and conferences such as OKCJS, OKCSharp, OKCRuby, Thunder Plains, 200OK, and KCDC. There are some really talented and passionate people that attend these events to learn from.

What I enjoy

My wife and I have also welcomed our daughter into the world this year, which is the single most amazing thing that I’ve ever experienced. A lot of my time is now allocated to playing with her.

Secondary to my family, I enjoy developing new ideas into reality by creating captivating UI’s and robust back end systems. I enjoy reading (Audible is great, by the way), documentaries, and learning about things that interest me.

I also enjoy the occasional computer game, which usually includes World of Warcraft or League of Legends, although don’t play them as much as I used to.

What tools I use

Over the years, I’ve used many tools. For a sure to be terrible summation of them, check out my tech summary.