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Experienced, self motivated, developer with a strong desire to learn why and how things work. I love challenges because they always make for great learning experiences. I'm interested in challenging opportunities that will allow me to continue to grow as a developer and individual.

Employment History

Sr. Software Engineer at GE Aviation
March 2017 (acquisition) - Present Edmond, OK
  • Implemented a document lockdown feature throughout the AirVault product suite, allowing only specific parties access to sensitive information when aircraft incidents occur.
  • Currently leading an effort to migrate the AirVault platform from our on-premise data center into Amazon Web Services.
Software Engineer at Critical Technologies / AirVault
July 2014 - March 2017 (acquisition) Edmond, OK
  • Developed and maintained numerous public and internal web application and service components for a SaaS system housing billions of aircraft maintenance records.
  • Worked closely with UPS in an expressive agile process to develop a custom reconciliation management solution, which allowed them to oversee the compliance status of their entire fleet in accordance to FAA maintenance regulations in real time. The application and supporting services bidirectionally integrated AirVault and UPS's existing MRO system.
  • Developed a horizontally scalable and resilient OCR solution, which has proven to successfully process as many as 83 million multi-page backlogged documents in as little as 48 hours.
  • Extensive focus on creating seamless single page applications to support document searching and management.
  • Developed internal quality of life tools for system management as part of 20% time.
    • Admin tool for searching application exception logs, enabling dev and support to troubleshoot more effectively.
    • Admin tool for modifying the process for which a document sequentially takes through the system when uploaded. (demo)
    • Microservice for persisting and retrieving key/value pair configuration for all application settings.
    • Continuous integration and deployment, service uptime monitoring tools, and chat integrations for the like.
    • CSS framework agnostic standardized theming for modernizing all public facing user interfaces.
Programmer Analyst at Supreme Court of Oklahoma
June 2012 - July 2014 Oklahoma City, OK
  • Point of contact for web service integrations between the Oklahoma AOC and external state agencies.
  • Developed & maintained a service bus for agency-to-agency use capable of receiving, transforming, routing, and delivering variety of message schemas and formats.
  • Worked as part of a team developing a replacement for the dated case search website; specifically the front-end and application tier.
Web Developer / I.T. Manager at Ingram's Water & Air Equipment
September 2008 - August 2012 Paducah, KY
  • Maintained & developed features for an eCommerce site housing ~10,000 HVAC & water purification products.
  • Created branding and social presence for HVAC brands GeoCool, Hvac Direct, and WarmFloors
  • Built an array of SEO friendly HVAC related blogs. Aggregate visitor totals peaked at ~7,000 views per day.
  • Handled development of internally used tools such as warehouse stock management tools and employee price catalogs.
  • Created graphic and web content for company marketing, including product images, billboards, and video editing.

Tech Summary

Here is a short summary of the some of the notable frameworks, libraries, tools, and concepts that I've either adopted or been exposed to over the years. Dates listed represent tools that I was using during that time and do not necessarily coincide with the chronologically matching employer.

2015 - Present
  • Front End: Angular 1.x, ReactJS, Angular 2, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, LESS, SASS, D3.js, Phaser.js, Gulp, Bootstrap 2-4, Google Material Design
  • Mid/Application Tier: ASP.NET MVC 3-5, ASP.NET Core, NancyFX, Django, Node.js, Golang, Electron,, SignalR, Ruby on Rails
  • Back End/Data Tier: SQL Server, SQLite, ElasticSearch, Entity Framework, Dapper, JSON API's
  • Misc: Git, TFS, Docker, Ubuntu 14 & 16 LTS, Nginx, Windows Server 2008 & 2012, IIS, Amazon Web Services, WS-Federation, JWT authentication, Agile SDLC
2012 - 2014
  • Front End: Extensive JavaScript development, jQuery, Bootstrap 2, Bootstrap 3
  • Mid/Application Tier: C#, WinForms, WPF, ASP.NET MVC 3/4, Node.js
  • Back End/Data Tier: SQL Server, Entity Framework
  • Misc: TFS, BizTalk, XML Schema, XML Spy, Windows Server, Hyper-V, IIS, SOA & extensive web service development, Performance Testing, Waterfall SDLC
2006 - 2012
  • Front End: Extensive HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere), Flash
  • Mid/Application Tier: PHP, WordPress, osCommerce, Magento, phpBB, vBulletin
  • Back End/Data Tier: MySQL, cPanel
  • Misc: SEO, Graphic Design, Branding & Logo Creation, eCommerce Development, Product Management, Video Editing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Network Management