Hiya, I'm Brandon

I write code for the web and enjoy teaching what I’ve learned along the way.


Things I currently work with regularly

  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • Angular Angular
  • React React
  • .NET Core Dotnet Core
  • Node.js Node.js
  • TypeScript TypeScript
  • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services
  • Netlify Netlify

Things I use as needed

  • RabbitMQ RabbitMQ
  • Redis Redis
  • MongoDB MongoDB

Things I have previously worked with

  • Django Django
  • Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails
  • Laravel Laravel
  • GatsbyJS GatsbyJS
  • Golang Golang

I'm a full stack web developer based in Oklahoma City and I've always appreciated good web design and love creating. I would fail to write bubble sort on a whiteboard and I look up code on the internet all the time. I'm not good at riddles, but I did manage to find my way out of an escape room within the allotted time limit once.

I love learning. I learn new frameworks and languages "just because".

Now days, I spend most of my time in the never ending rabbit hole that is the JavaScript ecosystem.

Oh, and I freelance on the side, so hmu.

Things I do for fun

  • World of Warcraft
    (long time WoW nerd)
    World of Warcraft
  • Rocket League Rocket League
  • Sea of Thieves Sea of Thieves
  • Blender
    (3D Modeling)
  • YouTube Content Creation YouTube
  • Working Out Working out
  • Eating :-) Eating

Project Logs

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  • Project

Articles & Updates

No articles or updates right now. Check back later.


Yes, I'm currently accepting freelance projects and am interested in possible startup collaborations!